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This is NOT an official Army-sanctioned webpage. This is just an NCO trying to help other Soldiers out. Whatever my opinions are on here are not to be considered the opinions of the Army, or even considered fact. All information presented should be double-checked with your CLPM and Retention NCO/Recruiter, or double-checked in the Army Regulation or message provided. Despite my best efforts and collaboration with other NCOs, I am sometimes wrong and you shouldn't base your enlistment/re-enlistment solely on what I have to say, but rather use this information as a base for your research.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Welcome to "an Army Linguist"! Over the course of the next few weeks/months I will be updating this blog with resources for all Army (and some DoD) linguists.  It's a challenging and rewarding job to have as one of the limited amount of linguists the Army employs.  For those of us located in maneuver units, such as major infantry divisions, it can be a daunting task for us linguists to maintain proficiency, get answers to our language-related questions, and even get paid.

Hopefully with the advent of my blog and my future spot in the Army Command Language Program Manager (CLPM) course in June I can help many linguists find their way in this maze of training and regulations...all the while learning a little bit more myself.

I'm looking forward to input, questions you may have that I can try to answer, and feedback on the blog to make it a better tool for linguists.

If you have questions, please feel free to visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


This is NOT, I say again, NOT, an official Army sanctioned page. This is just me trying to help my fellow Soldiers out. Whatever my opinions are on here are not to be considered the opinions of the Army, or even considered as fact. I am fairly knowledgeable, but ultimately questions should be addressed to your career counselors, recruiters, etc.


  1. My husband was granted top security clearance for him to finally re class to 35p...we are looking for this new career path...his current mos is 19k not the most ideal job for the future...anyways he will going to retention this week to find out the steps to job change...btw my husband is fluent in Korean and receive flipp for Korean..he has also taken level 5 test and scored perfect...our question is will he still have to goto dli school?? Or skip it and will goto ait instead...? If so how long are the schools...and will we as the family go with him...?

    Also once he has requested 35p how fast will he be going off to school?? With a month weeks or a year?? We just pcs to stateside and will love to go back you know what bases can 35p for Korean be stationed?? Or is Korea the obvious...we wouldn't mind Korea because we are Korean but just wanted to know what other places we have a choice...we are excited about this new change and if you have any info we need to know...please share as much as you can...thank you..

  2. No he will most likely skip DLI because Korean is still greatly needed and he is already a linguist. The Army is not likely going to pay upwards of $250,000 to send someone to school that doesn't need it.

    I can't answer the last question because I am not branch. He will spend four months at school first so he will most likely be TDY en route to his next duty station. Rank is also going to play a factor.

  3. I was looking forwards to mos changed to 35P, TS clearence in progress rigt now, scored 100 on dlab, was told by branch now that probably cant get in due to my profile for hearing. i was MMRB in 2007 which resulted in retention in current mos. My profile is H-3, and being wearing hearing aids which have corrected my hearing loss. The question is: Can a waiver be requested? If so, how do I go about it?

    1. Through your career counselor. I don't deal with waivers.

  4. When will you be updating your blog? It h as been so long ...

    1. Sorry, I was deployed, but I am back now and working on updating as of this week.