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This is NOT an official Army-sanctioned webpage. This is just an NCO trying to help other Soldiers out. Whatever my opinions are on here are not to be considered the opinions of the Army, or even considered fact. All information presented should be double-checked with your CLPM and Retention NCO/Recruiter, or double-checked in the Army Regulation or message provided. Despite my best efforts and collaboration with other NCOs, I am sometimes wrong and you shouldn't base your enlistment/re-enlistment solely on what I have to say, but rather use this information as a base for your research.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Re-certification of your DLPT while deployed

Please reference AR 11-6, Section 5-6 Reevaluation, paragraph (d):

d. Annual recertification. Commanders/supervisors may recertify annual recertification in lieu of the DLPT or OPI for Soldiers who are deployed for a contingency operation or are assigned OCONUS where testing facilities are not available.
(1) The recertification must be documented on a DA Form 4187 with the following annotation: “The commander/supervisor certifies that the recipient can perform his/her linguistic duties in a satisfactory manner and is proficient at a level consistent with their current proficiency scores.”
(2) There is a 2 year consecutive limit on this exemption not directly tied to contingency operations.
(3) Soldiers must be recertified using the DLPT or OPI as soon as practical or within 180 days of the order’s date releasing them from the duty assignment.
(4) Commanders/supervisors will counsel Soldiers that are not performing their linguistic duties satisfactorily and
may require remedial training, but will take no further action until Soldiers have tested.

This is VERY important to be aware of before you deploy so you are prepared for it when your date comes and goes.  Your language does not automatically re-certify just because you are deployed.  You have to make sure you tell the Army that you are, in fact, deployed.

As an update, I was speaking to someone in this very situation that deployed and didn't know he should re-cert via 4187.  Not to be ignorant towards him, but since he didn't research before hand what needed to be done, he didn't know that his unit was going to require both his DA 330 and actual memo/orders for FLPB to re-cert him via 4187.  Now he is out the last six months of his language pay before he can get back to the rear.

I'd like to think that people could read this blog and avoid that sort of problem in the future.  Hopefully you can learn from others' mistakes.

If you have questions, please feel free to visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


  1. I'm currently deployed in Afghanistan. I'm not a linguist but I took the Korean DLPT. Its almost time to re-certify my DLPT. Can I just re-certify my DLPT just like you posted up there?
    Also I'm willing to re-class to be a linguist. I don't have any kind of security clearance. Can I obtain TS without having any security clearance?
    Also, can I skip taking DLAB because I got 3/3 on Korean DLPT?

  2. Yes that should not be an issue to recert this way. Yes you can go straight from having nothing to a top secret clearance. Take your time filling out the survey and listen to your SSO that gives you the form. Don't put unknown on anything...take the time to research past addresses etc. You should be able to skip the DLAB.