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Saturday, December 21, 2013

What happens if I fail the DLPT?

In the unfortunate event that you fail you DLPT, there is some ok news in store for you.

Per AR 11-6, para 5-6 (b):
Commanders will initiate action to withdraw the SQI “L” for enlisted Soldiers if the minimum proficiency standard in not met within 1 year from date of initial DLPT failure for a language difficulty category (LDC) I or II language and within 2 years for an LDC III or IV language.
There are a couple exceptions in the same paragraph:

1. For Soldiers who fail to meet the minimum proficiency standard but are given waivers to graduate from DLI, the remediation period will begin from the date of arrival at the first PCS assignment. Soldiers will have 1 year to achieve proficiency standards regardless of the LDC of the language (unless the Soldier meets the deployment exception, below). For example, for a Soldier in MOS 35P who graduated from DLIFLC failing to meet the minimum proficiency standard, the remediation period would begin the day of arrival at the PCS assignment. 
2. Soldiers who deploy during a remediation period have 1 year upon their return date to achieve the minimum proficiency standard regardless of the LDC of the language. 
However, as I stated in a previous post, you can re-certify in your language while deployed IF your DLPT comes up due WHILE deployed. If you want to read about that, click here.

Here is where issue is. As I discussed here , there are major changes coming to the Foreign Language Program. And you can lose your Linguist status soon if you don't stay compliant. If you want to see some ways to stay proficient on your own, click here.

Now when you fail, the Army is supposed to uphold ITS end of the bargain. The key is, your unit needs to have the money and your unit needs to actually care.

Per AR 11-6:
Commanders will ensure Soldiers who fail to meet the minimum proficiency standard are given remedial language training (a minimum of 150 hours of language training) and reevaluated with the DLPT, DLRPT, or OPI every 6 months.


  1. Is there a way for a civilian to get certified in DLPT?

  2. If the DLPT score where to occur during the NCOER rating period are 35P subject to a 4 NCOER due to the result of that DLPT and what the ways to fight it.

    1. Don't fight it. Do your freakin' job and learn your language.

  3. That's easy to say if you use your language and get language training from your unit.