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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Current Linguist Re-up Bonus Info

Here is the most current link for the bonus information for re-enlistment:

Bonus Messages from

You can get some serious cash for being a linguist!!! If you are a 3/3 you can receive an extra 7500 dollars on top of everything else!!!

Mostly only 35P on the list. :(

If you have questions, please feel free to visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


  1. How is the tier determine for bonuses? I do have 3 years in and with rank as E4, I yet to understand the tier levels. Thank you for your help.

  2. What duty stations are most common for Hebrew linguists?? Any input would be great! Thanks!

  3. Hello SFC J,

    I'm a FS shipping on 2 April. I renegotiated from 68K to 35P with student loan repayment, and I've done a lot of reading (as much as I can find, anyway!) about my new MOS, but I still have a couple of questions for which I can't seem to find answers. I scored 136 on the DLAB, so I know I'll be getting a top tier language.

    -Do you know when I'll find out officially which language I'll be learning at the DLI?
    -What are the chances of becoming an officer if I put my packet in immediately after AIT?
    -What kind of privaleges are you given at DLI? I.e. would it be worthwhile for me to try to bring my car all the way from Texas to California?
    -Are DLI and AIT actually separate? My inital paperwork says AIT, 52 weeks, DLI. Is this just the language teaching portion of my training?

    I think that should cover what I haven't found yet, but your blog has been tremendously useful and direct. Thanks for any response!


  4. Shit I've been so busy I realize I missed your post, and I'm sorry about that. Hopefully some of this stuff isn't too terribly late.

    - Not sure, probably almost as soon as you get there.

    - I don't see why not, provided you meet all the requirements

    - If you are former service, it would DEFINITELY be worth bringing your car

    - Yes. 35P has another 16-18 wks of training at Goodfellow AFB in Texas

  5. hubby is in the bear program for 35p ( korean) ...his school date is next year at goodfellow...skipping dli because hes already fluent...we also just found out our projected duty station and its humphrey...we are wondering when can he apply for command sponsorship? before school or during school?? or when he gets there...we teally would love to go as a family but worry that it will take forever to get sponsorship...we want to extend as long as we can stay there but with my daughter going into middlr school and ypungest will be in kindergarten by then...i really would like the girls to start school on time...his report date is sept 2013...we would like to start preparing ahead to go...please if you can give any helpful tips in what steps we need to as a family...

    1. I am a 35P*KP* which is Korean linguist that just graduated from Goodfellow AFB recently. Like your husband I am a native speaker as well. My family and I are headed to Cp Humphreys Korea next month.
      In regards to your questions, before your husband ship out to Goodfellow AFB on TDY for the MOS school, he needs to attend the levy brief at his current location. During the levy brief, he needs to decide whether the TDY is going to be enroute or return. If enroute then he needs to clear the post before shipping out for school. I strongly recommend TDY return for many reasons. Also during levy brief, there he would submit paperwork requesting for command sponsorship to Korea which is pretty much family travel. So everything happens when he starts his levy brief. Sep 2013 is long time. Just make sure his TOP SECRET/SCI is good to go.

    2. Thanks for the long did it take to gain cs? Did you hear anything before you left or after graduating...? Also do you school age kids? We have one that's going to middle school and kindergarten...I hear because we have school age that can hold off the cs ..hoping that is not by the time hubby reports it will be new school year..I know we have much time but I rather be prepare to make other plans...btw were you first priority or fun for your family to be going back to motherland..we are definitely excited especially is being Korean..our girls can learn the language so much better!!!

    3. Yes hubby is good with all the right papers ...he got tsc months before getting school date..I think he's going to opt to do clear after school is done..I will probably be doing all the housing procedure alone...

      Btw will having a pov be recommended while at school? We're debating if we should buy a hoopdy if needed ...if he volunteers more then 3 years will it make cs easier? Thanks again!

  6. Do you know of any good resources made specifically for Farsi linguist transitioning to Dari?

  7. I don't to be honest. It's very difficult as the words are similar but sometimes used differently, and it can be difficult to find a Dari dictionary that isn't written by a Persian.

  8. Could you please put up a post that talks about your thoughts and experiences as a 35m for those who are considering going for it? Thanks

  9. Thank you to the soldier who helped us with our dilemma on cs...

    Btw how long after levy brief did you get approval on cs...? We have one daughter who will be in middle school and the other entering kindergarten ...will that make a difference in faster approval for cs..? I know his report day is a long way ahead but because that will be back to school I just want to make sure my kids will be entering school without any we want to go as a family especially daddy will be gone to school it will be awesome to be together especially Korea...thank you for your input!