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Monday, August 6, 2012

MOS 35M now requires a passing DLAB score once again; does NOT require a language (yet/still)

So, what do you think this means about the future of 35Ms??? Will they bring back the language requirement or do you think this is just to weed out recruits? Or is it for a potential future re-enlistment incentive?  Your thoughts in the comments below.

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141600 June 2012 (EST) USAREC MESSAGE 12-167

SUBJECT: New Requirements for MOS 35M Regular Army (RA) and Army Reserve (AR)

1. THIS IS AN IMMEDIATE MESSAGE, and is valid for 2 years from date of
publication unless rescinded or superseded.

2. References:

a. USAREC Regulation 601-96, Enlistment, Accessions and Processing
Procedures, 08 DEC 2009.

b. AR 611-21 Military Occupational Classification and Structure located in
the Human Resources Command (HRC) SMARTBOOK.

c. USAREC Message 11-155, Revision of Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)
35M (Human Intelligence Collector), dated 3 May 2011.

3. The purpose of this message is to announce a revision to qualifications for
MOS 35M. This message will also outline the policy to convert the temporary
reservation to permanent.

4. Summary of significant changes for MOS 35M:

a. Language Capable Eligibility:

(1) Must have a minimum qualifying score of 95 or higher on the Defense
Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) at the time of enlistment.

(2) No exceptions to policy for DLAB scores below 95 are authorized.

(3) No exceptions to policy to enlist pending a DLAB are authorized.

b. The effective date of this revision for new accessions into MOS 35M is
18 June 2012.

5. Future Soldiers that enlisted into the Future Soldier Training Program for
MOS 35M prior to the effective date of 18 June 2012 will be grandfathered and
can continue to ship without a DLAB. Current FSR2 reservations for 35M can be
converted to permanent without a DLAB up until 18 June 2012.

6. Recruiters utilizing FSR2 will be able to see training opportunities
provided the applicant is a US Citizen, and has a 101 or higher ST score.
Reservations cannot be converted to permanent without a 95 DLAB or higher.

Fred W. Johnson, COL, GS, Assistant Chief of Staff, G-3


  1. Good. I hope this can begin to start weeding out some of the people who perhaps don't belong in the MOS. As a language qualified 35M(KP), I'm glad to see a step back to "normalcy" within the 35M community.

  2. I think it's kind of pointless. You're required to pass the DLAB but many people won't even learn a language... Makes no sense. I took the DLAB in hopes to enlist as a linguist and scored an 85 on it. 35M was my next choice, now I can't get it because they reinstated the DLAB requirement. Perhaps I'm a little bitter, but it still makes no sense. It would make more sense to increase the line score requirements.

  3. I honestly took the ASVAB out of sheer curiosity and scored 93, and was informed about this MOS, so I took the DLAB, too. I don't know my exact score, but the recruiter who scheduled that test told me that I passed. Instead of going for the 35M MOS, I'm now striving for the CTI rating. Hopefully, sailing will be somewhat smooth at MEPS. I'm crossing my fingers.