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Friday, December 20, 2013

Set up a CaC on your computer (Windows, Mac, or iOS)

Many of the links and information provided on this blog require that you have a CaC reader installed on your computer. Whether this is to sign a form to submit to your commander to take the DLAB/DLPT, log in to view MILPER messages, or simply check your email in AKO or Outlook Web Access, you need a CaC.

This is the best website I have found that shows you how to set it up on your computer:

Additionally, I have recently discovered that Thursby Software makes an iOS CaC reader! I am now up and running with my CaC on my iPad and iPhone.


  1. Thanks for the mention. We're coming to Android next month also...

    It's been eight years since Apple asked to harden the Mac for DoD use...

    Uno, dos, tres. Un, deux, trois. Uno, duo, tres. Ek, do, tin. Eka, dvi, tri. From English, to Spanish, French, Latin, Hindi and Sanskrit, the same meanings are expressed in various outward ways. We try to do the same for CAC, with device, OS, card and authentication method agnosticism but the same core features.

  2. Absolutely. Feel free to mention this blog as recommending your products. I know at least a few people who have bought it because of me as well. It's working great for me.