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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sign the White House Petition to Veto the Bill Reducing Military Retirees' COLA

The petition can be found here, and we need your signature:

Here is the basic premise:

Veto the Ryan/Murray budget proposal that cuts retired military pension COLA to 1% below the inflation rate.

The Ryan/Murray budget deal cuts the military retirement pension COLA to 1% below the inflation rate. This is an inexuseable breach of contract with the military men and women who have served this country valiantly in two wars. The very idea that Congress seeks to cut military retirement pay by up to 24% while our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines are still fighting and dying in Afghanistan is beyond contemptible. Military retirees have risked their lives, sacrificed normal family life, and given their prime earning years to defend this nation. One of the primary motivators for military members to spend an entire career in the military is the promise of a retirement benefit that cannot be made worthless by inflation. The Ryan/Murray proposal breaks that promise.

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